What’s with the name?

OK, as this is my first post, I thought I would start with how and why I chose the title of this blog, just in case you were wondering like…

Let us start with the how.

I have wanted to do this for a long time now, partly because English language was about the only thing I could cope with at school (not that I am THAT brilliant at it), and because I always get ideas popping into my head for bits and pieces and I never remember to jot them down.  Unless I am writing poetry that is; then I am very disciplined and immediately write down the words that appear in my mind.

Anyway, I digress…

I come from a family of book-worms, and from as young as I can remember all four of us were reading something.  Every time we moved house, we would have to
have a set of shelves built to cover ONE WALL of our new lounge because we had so
many books!  Fiction, non-fiction, reference etc, etc.  You name it, we had it.

Also, as a kid, whenever I got a new book, I always wrote inside the front cover (in my appalling handwriting) `This Book Belongs To…’  and I wanted the title to reflect that.

As to the why?

I like alliteration and there is some of that of course and I put Bint at the end in reference to a very dear ex work colleague of mine who retired in 2010.  He has a love for the English language and he always called me Bint.  I shan’t tell you what I called and still call him as that would not be fair.  (Contact me for the answer… no don’t… no do, shut up!).

Him calling me that was never meant as an insult, though believe me we would hurl insults at each other at every opportunity, much to the astonishment of other colleagues who did not know our relationship.  Our favourite game was to substitute a word of a James Bond film with fish or cheese or anything; i.e. “From Russia with fish” or “On Her Majesty’s Secret Cheese” etc, you get the picture.  Sounds daft but our game would render us useless for a good while, as we doubled up with laughter to the point of crying and real pain!

Anyway, I thought that it sounded OK, and it is certainly better than some of the other ideas I came up with!


3 thoughts on “What’s with the name?

  1. Well dear, I have peeked and am, months later, leaving a comment on your first post because I’m pleased in the end you decided to let it roll it anyway. It reads good. It reads true and, hey, what the hell else massages the spirit if not truth? You know I’ll follow with interest & it may help me pluck up the courage to do the same. Because, of course, courage is involved even if everyone else thinks it’s inevitable. It ain’t. So congratulations for starting and continuing. xx

    • Hello my dear! Glad you like my ramblings. I’m working on another post and will publish that soon. Hope you get going with yours soon and you can talk about Guru J, and I would definately subscribe to that one as would K! xx

      • OMG I hadn’t thought about writing about that. Naughty you. Still, a thought….

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