I have a Twitter account (@LondonStanding) (now Miss_Alaynius) and one the people I follow recently took a twitter analysis test of their account via twanalyst.com.  I decided to take the same test, because I thought it would be a bit of a laugh, so I entered my user name and pressed send, letting the programme access my account and do its thing.  It takes seconds to come back with the results, which are split into two sections: Personality and Style.

My personality = likeable, inquisitive and unremarkable.  My style = garrulous, coherent and networker.

Now this is meant to be an inoffensive bit of fun, not designed to hurt or cause harm but I could not help but be drawn to the fact that this harmless bit of fun says that I am unremarkable.





So, I thought I would see what the thesaurus on Microsoft Office Word had to say, and unremarkable brings up these alternatives:

  • Ordinary
  • Everyday
  • Not special
  • Commonplace
  • Average
  • Typical
  • Unexceptional
  • Routine
  • Normal

So there we are. It’s official and I might as well take myself to the hills and retire as a hermit never to be seen again!

Now, I don’t claim to be special or better than anyone else, but I didn’t think that I was unremarkable.  Obviously I was wrong!  But it is telling how ones ego can be momentarily dented by a 400g can of stupid hurled at you by a bit of computer software and even more stupid of me to let a daft thing like that annoy me!

However, despite that I was still going to let my inner diva out for a stroll, so, I stormed off in a huff, threw a few toys around and shouted at the neighbour’s dog, that was barking at nothing.  Again.  For the umpteenth time already that day.

Once I had rejoined adult hood, I took a look at the other words in my analysis and chose garrulous and again, according to Word, it says I am talkative, voluble and chatty.  Well, yes, that’s all very well, but not much comfort if people glaze over when I talk to them, make their excuses and leave by the nearest exit as fast as they can to escape THE UNREMARKABLE ONE!

Of course the moral of this tale kiddiwinks, is not to take anything like this seriously and in fact, it’s probably better to look at these things as being rather, well rather unremarkable!


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