Food glorious food! – But not this list…

Short one this time, just a bit of flannel to lighten the mood after the last one.

I like food.  It’s lovely and I’ve liked it all my life.  However, there are some foods that I dislike alot and won’t touch with a barge pole if I can help it.  They are as follows:

  1. Tripe.  Bleugh!  Looks horrible and tastes vile.  I don’t care if it’s lovely done with onions, I will still throw it at you if you put a plate in front of me.
  2. All offal apart from liver and kidneys, I don’t mind these especially if the liver is with bacon and kidneys are with steak in a pie or a pudding.
  3. Beetroot.  Wrong!  Makes me angry the way it colours everything else on the plate.  And your point is?
  4. Rise pudding.  Boke!  I can never get over the horrors of what passed for rice pudding at primary school.  That consisted of hard uncooked rice floating in hot milk and the smell of the milk made me gag.  I have never been able to eat it since.
  5. Oysters.  Really?  Can’t stand the feel of them going down my throat and they just taste of iron to me, which by the way, if I wanted to have then I would go and suck on a park railing!
  6. Pesto.  Hmm, bit of a tricky one this.  I like the ingredients as separate components but something happens to them when they are mixed together and the result is just green meh!
  7. Plums/apricots/gooseberries.  Can just about cope with them as a jam or compote but apart from that not alot else.  Although I did once have a plum crumble that was not too bad, probably because it was more crumble crumble, than plum crumble.
  8. Prunes.  Never.  Not in a million years.  Don’t even try.
  9. Coffee in desserts, like Tiramisu, coffee cake and those horrid coffee things in bags of Revels.  I only like coffee as a drink; anything else will be usually ignored.  Though in the case of those Revels, then it is usually too late!
  10. Andouillette.  One from my French side.  I can’t even begin to describe this one apart from it stinking to high heaven when cooked.  Contains tripe so not surprising but *gags*, go look it up for yourselves.  *runs to the toilet screaming*

So that is my Top Ten Countdown of what I don’t like and a heads up for you lot so you know what not to cook for me when I come round for dinner.  Ahem!


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