“The black hit of space…”

I overheard a conversation on the bus the other day from these two ladies talking about how pathetic those of us that use social mediums to communicate with, are.  I would have happily ignored them but one of them said:

“She is always on Twitbook…”

I nearly burst out laughing at that and well, that was it, I had to listen to them then, and on and on they went about how people are stupid morons for living their lives through FB etc, never off their phones, always pressing buttons and not talking to anyone in the flesh and so on.

And it got me thinking; are we in control of how much we use Twitter, or does it control us?

For me, I would say that I am fully in control of Twitter, and I would also add that as far as I am concerned, Twitter is the phenomenon that has taken over in the appeal stakes to FaceBook.  I love that it is instantaneous and that it did not matter that I knew no one when I set up my account.  With FB, I always feel that there is some maiden aunt looking over my shoulder frowning at what I upload so although I’ll check it every day, I rarely post anything on there anymore.

I am fascinated by the freedom of Twitter; you really can say just about anything you like and even though I have read things that have caused me to take a sharp intake of breath, on the whole I think that the good eggs on Twitter far outweigh the nasty ones that lurk in undergrowth.  However, let’s not forget that the nasty ones can be utter vicious bastards and enjoy hurting others…

Of course people do tweet saying that they are leaving because they are either on Twitter all the time, or other people have annoyed them by posting nasty, rude and insulting comments.   It is a shame they feel they have to do that as they will no doubt have followers that really like what they post and don’t want to lose that connection with them.  Of course there is nothing to say that they cannot continue their friendship by swapping email addresses etc outside of this medium, and hopefully they will return to Twitter at some stage.  Some just like to take a breather for a few days, who doesn’t, we all need a break now and again, no harm in that!  Some have to leave due to illness, either themselves or family.  Totally acceptable in those times of stress.

The funny thing is that people do like to look down on others who use Twitter, FB or the myriad of other forms of cyber social networking.  They think we have no life outside of these mediums and call us sad and lonely.  I have had that said to me before and have had people laugh because I am on Twitter.

Well you can just fuck off with that idea!  I have as full and varied a REAL social life as I want to thanks.  I see those that I want to see as often as I want to and I consider Twitter  an extension of that.  If I don’t want to tweet I won’t and I don’t feel guilty about using it nor should I be made to feel less of a person either.  In addition, I would not have got around to writing this blog if I had not discovered Twitter and read the many wonderful blogs that other people write.  It would have stayed just another one of my ‘something that I want to do and will get round to doing one day’ projects.

Twitter is a powerful medium that helps get important messages out there and across the world in a blink of an eye.  It is also a great way to follow the famous and infamous, meet other like-minded people and build friendships.  It has a fluidity about it that FB does not have (well, in my opinion anyway, but what the hell do I know?).  I have met some really lovely people through it that I never thought I would have done and I hope to continue with that. 

Twitter is here to stay, so embrace it, enjoy it but don’t let it get you down; life is to short for that!


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