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I don’t know one person that does not like going to the cinema.  There is and always will be something purely childlike and magical about sitting watching images flicker across a huge screen into which the dimensions of my flat could quite easily fit!

So, bearing that in mind, I looked at which films I love; films that moved me, made me cry, made me stare in awe.  Yes, yes, I am sitting in the office bored again!

Some on my list I only saw on television because I was too young when they were released and in one case, I was not even born, but I wish I had seen them at the cinema.

Here we are in no particular order:

1) The Boyfriend – with Twiggy.  Love this film, never fails to make me smile.  Love the music, costumes everything.

2) This Happy Breed – from the play by Noel Coward, it tells the story of a family between the wars and highlights the social shifts in society.  One of my all time favourites and even though I have the DVD, I will still watch it if I see it listed on the telly.  Brilliant story.

3) Regeneration – from the novel by Pat Barker, tells the story of soldiers suffering the emotional traumas of World War One and features the meeting of the poets Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon.  I found this to be a very powerful film and as I have a passion about the poetry from that era it was certainly on my list of films to see.

4) The Lord of the Rings trilogy – I am lumping all three films in one here.  I thought that they were magnificent when I watched them on the big screen.  The production quality and the stunning New Zealand scenery made for a fabulous time in Middle Earth!

5) Schindler’s List – I came out from seeing this with such a headache because I spent most of the time crying my eyes out.  Powerful, powerful film and made me hope that if any of my Jewish ancestors had been living in that area at that time, that they did not meet their end in this way…

6) Oh What a Lovely War – Heard about this film for ages but it was only released on DVD a couple of years ago.  Anything about WW1 moves me tremendously and this is no different.

Going to make a teeny exception to the rule with the next one as it was only a TV film when it came out, but as a remake will be in the cinemas next year, I reserve the right to include it here.

7) The Woman in Black – based on the book by Susan Hill, this is a ghost story that had me jumping in my chair when I saw it for the first time one Christmas with mum.  Really good and I loved the play as well.  I look forward to the cinema remake next year.

So, there we are a quick canter through some of my favourite films that when I look through the list seem to be in the main to do with war in one respect or another.  Hmm, one for the therapist’s chair…

What would be on your list?

Oh, and it’s a mixed box of popcorn please, ta!


2 thoughts on “Now showing…

  1. This Happy Breed is in my opinion one of the most underrated films ever. I would also add ben Hur to my list of favourites, and Pollyanna too. In fact anything with Hayley Mills in.

    • Hello, thanks for leaving a message. I am glad that I have found a fellow This Happy Breed fan! I agree that it is totally underrated. Ben Hur is indeed a spectacular film as well.

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