“Are you sitting comfortably…?

Let’s face it, kid’s telly these days…

Well, it’s a bit shit isn’t it?

Being born in 19…*cough, splutter, back of the throat problem…*, I remember tons of TV programmes for children.  Programmes for preschool, after school, Sunday afternoon tea time slots and whole Saturday mornings.  Those bygone days were a glory when it came to kids television and I loved it.

And it got me thinking, what exactly did I watch then?  I had a think and I’m going to have another meander down memory lane and reminisce about some of the programmes that stand out in my mind; the ones that I enjoyed most and again, there is no particular order.

Animal Magic – I thought that Johnny Morris was so talented in giving voice to the thoughts of those animals – well, I’m sure that is what they were thinking, so there!

Play School – The little house in the credits posed a conundrum for me as I could never work out where the round, square or arched windows featured in the programmes were situated within that house!  As for the toys, well, I was indifferent to Hamble, Jemima and Humpty, I wanted Big and Little Ted!

Play Away – mad off-shoot of Play School, however, who remembers the actor Jeremy Irons appearing in this show?

Multi-Coloured Swap Shop – watching this meant that I would still be in my night-clothes until lunchtime every Saturday.  Which would annoy my Dad and “Why aren’t you washed and dressed yet?” was something he would ask me frequently!

Crystal Tipps and Alistair – I loved this, don’t really know why, but I did.  I think it was because I was fascinated by her purple triangular shaped hair, the bright dresses she wore and I wanted to live in her house!

Camberwick Green – the trick with this was to guess which character would emerge from the music box in the title sequence, I never got it right!

Trumpton – how does it go? “Pugh Pugh Barney McGrew Cuthbert Dibble and Grubb”. Yes, I am of course talking about the fireman doing their daily roll call.  And let us not forget Windy Miller…

Noah and Nelly – what a concept!  An ark that floated in the sky, filled with two-headed animals that was run by Nutty Noah and his wife Niggly Nelly (who always knitted their way out of any problems they encountered).  I was hooked the first time I heard the theme tune.

Roobarb – Roobarb, the green dog and Custard the purple cat.  They were always getting into scrapes and always ended up being laughed at by the fat jolly birds.

Grange Hill – nuff said.  EVERYONE watched this and you were looked down upon if you didn’t.  But it was brilliant…

Vision On/Take Hart – VO was the first programme I saw (I think) that featured someone using sign language on television and until I realised what she was doing, I wondered what the hell was going on!  Why was this woman making odd hand movements all the time?  I always loved the art that Tony Hart produced so it was natural that I would continue to watch him in his own series, Take Hart.  And don’t forget Morph, the plasticine character produced by Aardman Animations, who are of course famous for Wallace and Gromit.

The Magic Roundabout – Dougal was my favourite character; lazy you see, like me!  The original French names were changed when the show was produced in English, which was just as well as Dougal’s French name was Pollux, pronounced as you would think, which would have certainly not washed with Aunty Beeb!

Bagpuss – “Even Bagpuss himself, once he was asleep, was just an old, saggy cloth cat, baggy, and a bit loose at the seams, but Emily loved him”.  The delightful Bagpuss…

Follyfoot – when this show came out, I was going through my ‘I want a horse’ phase and used to go riding once a week, which I enjoyed on the whole, when I wasn’t falling off the horses that is!  Anyway, I loved the theme music and fancied the character Steve Ross, (played by actor Steve Hodson), so that was enough for me!

Paddington Bear – well what can I say about this little lovely?  Creator of the famous Paddington Bear Hard Stare that I use on a daily basis (well, you have not had the pleasure of seeing some of the dickheads that I have to work with).  A clever, daring bear who travelled all the way from Darkest Peru on his own and a bear who always had a marmalade sandwich in his hat.  Perfection in a duffle coat and wellies.

The Clangers – Dad loved this as much as I did and as a family, we never missed an episode.  Dad loved the Soup Dragon and I loved all the Clangers.  Sorry Mum and sis, I don’t remember if you had a favourite character!  I had a toy instrument that sounded like the Clangers and Dad and I loved mucking about with that.

The Wombles – I don’t doubt that when this aired, Wimbledon Common was awash with children looking for the Wombles at work.  Well, not Orinoco that is, being the laziest and always looking for somewhere to have 40 winks.  No wonder he was my favourite!  My parents knew someone who made Womble toys as a hobby and they asked her to make one for me and my sister.  I wanted Orinoco and it was exciting times until they arrived and yes, they were very well made, but she had used the wrong colour fur on mine! *cross face!*

So, tell me, what were your favourite programmes when you were a child?


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