I hate it.

I hated that revolting (alleged) food stuff that we had at school, and I hate the spam that lands in my in-boxes and on my Twitter timeline on a daily basis.

In the run up to Christmas on Twitter, it was mainly links to get gift vouchers from places like IKEA, MacDonald’s burgers and others that I have forgotten about.

Since then on Twitter, it is only links to porn sites and they either follow me or mention me in a tweet.  You can spot them a mile off before you even bother to check out their accounts.  (My email spam is always about how to enlarge my penis or the cheapest places to buy my Viagra…)

I rest my case!

In the last week alone, I have had about 15 people follow me that have the same avatar of two blond girls kissing each other.  Their bios either say that this year they will be having sex on the moon (!) or that when they kneel down, it won’t be to say their prayers.  However, they all have one thing in common:


I told one to fuck off today, and even after looking at their timeline and seeing that alot of their tweets were not just links to porn sites sent to random people, but had some normal stuff the likes of you and I might tweet, I didn’t care and did it anyway.  Then I reported them as spam and blocked them.

And you know what?  I don’t care if they are a genuine person, and likely to be offended by my reply, that is the risk you take when you make it your job to chuck this kind of drivel out into cyberspace, and if you land on my timeline in any way, I will report you.  That’s your tough shit as far as I am concerned, you are a parasite that is multiplying at an alarming rate and needs to be eradicated.

I know that I am not the only one who feels this way, but apart from continuing to report them, I’m not sure what the answer is.  Other than taking a machete to their heads.

In that case, my next tweet may well be from prison!


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