To retweet, or not retweet; that is the question.

What’s the deal with retweeting and why do we do it?

I sometimes get confused when I see people retweeting things that I know goes against the grain of their beliefs.  That is until I realise that they are NOT doing it because they agree with what the author has said, but because they want to highlight how idiotic/wrong/stupid/ignorant/inflammatory (delete as appropriate) the original post and possibly the tweeter is.

However, if their assumptions are correct, then aren’t they just feeding into the ego of said poster?  I can possibly guarantee that the originator of the offending tweet won’t give a tinkers cuss that people think that they are stupid; bad publicity is still publicity right?

I’m saying this as last week one of my Facebook contacts posted a link to an American tweeter, who in his bio, claims that he is a true Christian, loves his country and wants it back (whatever that means…) and all the good ole’ homemade apple pie crap that goes with that.

All very well until you look at his tweets and you realise that he is the polar opposite of what a Christian is and is one of the most repugnant, repulsive people I have seen on Twitter for a long time, utterly suffering from a pinguitude of his ego and a total blatherskite.

How do I know this?  Well, after seeing my FB friend’s link, I made the mistake of clicking through and reading Mr Full Bloodied Redneck’s tweets, which were disgusting.  Then I looked at his mentions and he was being called out for being the racist bastard that he is by everyone and being retweeted left, right and centre, so that many others would be able to see what an utter dick he is.

Did he care?  Not a bit of it!  He laughed at what others had written, turned on them when they tried to reason with him (NB: these fuckwits CAN NEVER be reasoned with, so don’t even try) and carried on his merry way spouting his nasty gibberish and revelling in the publicity he was getting.

So, what is to be done with these people?  I don’t know is the short answer.  I did nothing and perhaps I should have reported him at the time.  I was only reminded about him when I saw a retweet yesterday evening which prompted me to write this post.

We can stop feeding the trolls and get them barred from places like Twitter, but there will be many more where they come from, and their network of cohorts will still be there.  His name has been bandied about on Facebook and Twitter so much that if he was being paid for the number of hits his profile gets, he would be laughing all the way to the bank!

Suffice to say, I don’t really want to see my timeline containing retweets highlighting and publicising the low life that hangs about in cyber space; it will only sadden and anger me and I don’t want my Twitter to be like that.  I can also hold my hand up to contributing to his publicity in a small way as I am writing about him, but the difference is that I have not and will not name him.

I’m not here to tell anyone what to do; you choose your own path, but should I come across someone like this person again, I might be inclined to report them to Twitter.  Rest assured that I won’t be retweeting anything they write.


One thought on “To retweet, or not retweet; that is the question.

  1. I like your reflections. Manifestations AGAINST anything just feed the energy that keeps that thing going. To energise whatever you’re in favour of, much better to manifest IN FAVOUR of that (e.g. if we want peace, no point is being against war, be in favour of peace) and simply not make a reference to the other stuff. So, as you already point out, re-tweeting dickhead messages is spreading their news. This may sound simplistic but if everyone practised this instead of re-tweeting and, in most cases, even reporting, I suspect the dickheads would invest their energy in other (possibly even constructive -hey, no-one was born a dickhead, right?) stuff.

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