Let’s keep abreast of things…

Short serious post this time.

I had a minor scare recently as I noticed some differences in the chest department.  No lumps but some eczema patches had appeared on one breast around the nipple.  Of course, I went to my GP…

After examining me, my GP filled in the form for an immediate referral to the breast clinic at my local hospital.  He said that he was pretty sure that I did not have it but obviously needed to rule it out and asked me if I had ever heard of Paget’s breast disease, I hadn’t so, obviously when I got home, I looked it up on the internet and was not that in love with what I read as I ticked a few of the boxes of possible symptoms/causes and had to make sure I did not go overboard on the worry front.  I was worried but did not panic and luckily I had my sister with me when I went to the hospital.

I had my appointment last week and the consultant reassured me that I don’t have Paget’s breast disease (big phew all round) but he wanted me to have a mammogram to further check the breast tissue.

What a bloody uncomfortable procedure that is, and I tried very hard not to laugh as the nurse had to pick up and place my breasts on the x-ray plate several times to get them positioned correctly, and it was very odd seeing them squashed like a pancake!  All was well with the x-ray and I will get a letter confirming that in the next week or so.

I wanted to write this post to say that it is not always about lumps being the obvious sign of possible bad things (although if you notice any, get them looked at straight away), it is to say that if you see anything different about your chest area; changes of skin tone, shape indeed anything, get them looked at!  I know it is a worrying thing and humans being what we are, like to put our heads in the sand over our health and deny that there might be a problem.  However, bite the bullet and do it, despite your worries.

Gentlemen, you are also included, so don’t neglect your bits and bobs, OK?


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