Comfort; thy name is pudding…

April has been a nonsense month weather wise and May doesn’t look like it will be any better, so, I propose that we think about comforting things and for me, one of them is the thought of unctuous, glorious, delicious puddings. Yes, Yes, I know that it is not really the season for these things…

Today I had some bread and butter pudding at lunch and it was just as a good one should be and it got me thinking about the other puddings I love and enjoy and have not had for many moons.

So, here is another in the occasional series of lists of things, again in no particular order, this time of puddings I love.  All of them have to be served with custard (apart from the savoury ones, obviously!).

1: Sticky Toffee Pudding – what is there to say about this other than wow?  The very name is a delight.

2: Spotted Dick – now, now, no sniggering at the back there!  I remember this at Primary school; the cooks never made this in dainty pudding basins, but would cook great sheets of the stuff, all studded with currents with a steaming cracked suet crust.

3: Jam Roly Poly – suet pastry again.  I love the stuff and the jam would be so hot that it would burn your mouth, but you were never patient enough to wait for it to cool down.

4: Bread and Butter Pudding – I have had this made with Panettone, which has been a gorgeous festival of delights.  I have also had this with French baguettes(!), which has raised a ‘Hmm’ on the score card.  However, the real thing has to have a crunchy top, a good amount of fruit and not be too runny when you cut into it.

5: Steamed Chocolate Pudding – another Primary school fave and they used to serve it with chocolate custard.  *whispers* I used to have ‘thirds’ it was that good…

6: Bread Pudding – a rib sticking delight and I grew up listening to Dad talk about his Bubba’s wonderful bread pudding, he loved the stuff!

7: Crumbles – I am not a fan of cooked apples but have no problem eating an apple and blackberry crumble as I love blackberries and that means that apples are not the dominating taste.  However, one crumble I love is pear crumble, as cooked pears are the business in my book.  I will never cover the crumble with custard as that will make me angry because the crumble is the best bit whatever the fruit.  I would love to eat a crumble crumble…

8: Steamed Treacle/Syrup Sponge – When the basin was removed and the river of gold ran down the sides, it was all I could do not to plunge my hands or my face into it and enjoy – after the hospital’s burns unit had sorted me out that is!

9: Ginger Pudding – I love ginger and the smell of this coming out of the oven can induce saliva to burst forth.  Mind you, that can happen with any pud!

10: Gypsy Tart – still a pudding, but not A Pudding.  Not many people know about this one but again, my Primary school came up trumps in making this and it was a good’un.  Evaporated milk is the winning ingredient in the filling here.

11: Steak and Kidney Pudding – No list can be without a couple of savoury entries and this one is the bees knees in that category.  Again, another suet pastry one and I adore, adore, adore this.

12: Yorkshire Pudding – One of the major components in a roast dinner for me, and a roast is not really a roast without them.  I have never had them as a sweet pudding, although I would not turn it down if it was presented to me in that way.

So, there we are, another quick canter through my food delights that goes a long way to explain why I am the lard arse that I am!  And of course, there are many more out there that I enjoy but the above list was what I came up with off the top of my head.

What puddings do you love?

If you want recipes, I found a lovely site here.


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