An open letter…

I don’t know why I am writing this post as the people to whom it is addressed don’t know who I am and will probably never read this but I want to do it anyway.

I belong to a genealogy society and have done for several years now.  I am on their Programme Committee and am in charge of the Programme Calendar.  Yesterday was their AGM, which I attended, and I was appalled by the behaviour of three of them in particular, who took over the meeting as a means to air their personal grievances against the Chairman.  There were moments when I could have stood up and blasted them for their behaviour towards him and his wife was visibly shaking with trying to keep her temper in check as she witnessed her husband being torn to shreds by one man and two vindictive sour bitches (there is not other word for them) sitting next to him in the front row.

So, this is my open letter to them.  Of course, no names will be given.

Dear M, L and P,

Your actions yesterday were reprehensible, utterly and totally so.  You chose the Society’s AGM to air your views about how you feel the Chairman has carried out his duties and it was not the forum to do so.

Being on the Programme Committee, I have seen and heard some of what is going on and I have also seen and have been told about your nasty, snide and disgusting comments that you have levied at the Chairman.  These are now a record so, if your behaviour were to ever be called to account, these would stand up pretty well against you!

You have carried out your vendetta against the Chairman for many months now and have caused him and his wife nothing but severe stress and grief, but you care nothing about that, such is your selfish and me, me, me attitude.  When his brother died last year, and he was at a low ebb, you still did not let up with your actions and thought that he should be getting back in the saddle five days after his brother’s death!  Excuse me?  I would have liked to have seen how you lot would have handled it should someone you loved had died and he, as the Chairman was telling you to buck up and get on with it as things needed to be done!

To also accuse him (and by association, his wife) of helping himself to funds from the Society for expenses when travelling abroad to international events when you have no proof is disgusting, but you kept digging away yesterday to try to trip him up and get him to confess to something, indeed anything, thereby forcing him to stand down as Chairman.  Well, your plan backfired didn’t it?  Because he has taken nothing from the accounts and has instead, paid for things out of his own pocket.  He has not as you accuse, claimed or pilfered anything from the funds, nor will he ever do so.

The issue with the unauthorised copying of databases is a serious matter and is being dealt with and I totally sympathise with the distress it has caused those who have spent many months painstakingly transcribing from original documents, only to see their work get copied wholesale elsewhere and corrupted.  HOWEVER, you L, as the one in charge of the website, should have made it your job to make sure that the security was such that this could not have happened so easily and even when someone challenged you about your lack of care, you still claimed that it was the Chairman’s fault and not yours.  Amazing!

The person who made the mistake of doing this copying is mortified about his error of judgement and has done all he can to rectify his mistake.  And, even when a member of the organisation he belongs to was also at the meeting, that did nothing to prevent you three, and indeed others from being so disrespectful about him and his organisation; a place that has done so much in the way of genealogy research for everyone everywhere, by the way.  He is a member of our Society and you owe him the same level of respect that you would insist that he would give you.

You may dislike the Chairman and deem him unworthy of holding that position, but he was overwhelmingly voted in for another year and if you felt so strongly about him, then you should have followed protocol and stood for the Chair yourselves.  There were no other nominees for the role so you failed to oust him.  Instead, the three of you had planned to stand up and make your petulant and rude speeches about him in front of him and us before resigning from your volunteer posts and cancelling your membership from the Society, then flouncing out of the room in major childish huffs.  What did you hope to achieve by that, by the way?

You might like to know that he and his wife do more for the Society than any of you, and if his wife were to resign then quite frankly the Society would be in jeopardy, because she is a major lynch pin and does so much for us all.  But you carry on thinking that you are the bees knees and carry on assuming that by resigning, your shoes will be some that cannot be filled.  However, you would be wrong, and let me tell you that the Chairman and his wife have alot of supporters from within (and I am happy to count myself among that number) and that you will not be missed.  Indeed, the society will improve and happily move forward without three nasty, vindictive people constantly trying to put a spanner in the works.



6 thoughts on “An open letter…

    • They were bullies, very true! You would have been shocked at grown people between the ages of 55 and 75 approx, behaving like kids in a playground. Luckily they have all left the Society and they won’t be missed!

      • Good riddance to bad rubbish!,lol I am never shocked at the ages of Bullies

    • Hi there!

      Very primitive still, despite all our guff about being a higher, better and more sophisticated being than anything else that inhabits this planet!

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