The countdown has begun.

This is fairly a short post; more of a thought being voiced than anything else.

Today starts the countdown to my leaving my employment and I only have four more weeks to go.

Four weeks.

One month.

It is a strange feeling and although I should be scared to be out of work, especially in this current job climate. I’m not! I feel quite calm about it and as I will be on holiday for the last week and a bit (pre-booked), I effectively only have three weeks left in the office.

Sorting out any documents and stuff I want to take with me is interesting as I discover alot that I had forgotten about and the delete finger has already been busy. Quite frankly, I don’t see why we should leave anything behind for the benefit of anyone else. You haven’t given a shit about our work up to now, don’t dare suddenly give a shit about it now!

I have said my piece to HR about their shoddy treatment of me and Boss and I feel much happier about that. I did it politely and without drama but they needed to know that they are dealing with human beings and despite me being a bolshie cow, I only really get like that when I feel hard done by! They took it on board and promised a lessons learnt session after it is all over, but I know that it will be ignored and forgotten about, as will anything that I say in my exit interview.

I hate goodbyes as I get very emotional and stupid and I know that I will cry if any fuss is made. Boss and I have joked about doing each other’s collection and comparing notes on who gave what to each other! Joking aside, I don’t want anything formal and am not really bothered about a leaving card or a collection. Let’s not and say we did eh? I am happy to invite those that I want to keep in touch with for drinks, but I am not doing what alot of other people do; which is to send an email to all inviting them to such and such pub. That ain’t happening!

So, three weeks left in the office. Three weeks I don’t want to do.

Can I leave now, please?


2 thoughts on “The countdown has begun.

  1. Working out the time left until you leave is horrid. You’ll probably feel like a pig in a poke for the whole 3 weeks. Anyway, thank you, as always, for sharing your thoughts and feelings.

    • Your’e welcome. I am just getting rather bored now, to be honest! But I will plod along, peppering the days with long lunches and sneaking off early, and they will soon pass.

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