London 2012

So, we did it.

We pulled it off.

Many said we couldn’t.

Many said we wouldn’t

They were silenced.

Those who know me well, know of my love affair with London. There is no rhyme or reason and I can’t explain it. London has held a fascination for me since I was a child and was the shining place we would visit from time to time when I was growing up in the country.

There were lots of people who were against us hosting the Olympics. They said it would not work, our infrastructure would not be able to cope and it would be a disaster. After Beijing 2008, I read a lot of comments from overseas people who said they would boycott London 2012 because they hate the English, our weather would be foul, we would be rude and unhelpful, London was a horrible city etc.

Well, we proved them wrong didn’t we folks? Even the weather behaved for the most part!

London rises up and dusts herself off after whatever has been thrown at her. Even the next day after it was announced we had been selected to host the games, we had the atrocities of 7th July. Did that stop us? No it did not. We picked ourselves up and carried on. We always have done and always will do.

This time last year, we were reeling from the August riots and again, people worried about how we would cope with the Olympics. Did that or the threat of a possible terrorist attack stop us? Again, no, it did not.

This great, beast of a city organised a party, and what a magnificent party! The opening and closing ceremonies were eclectic, eccentric and truly British. Some of you won’t have liked them, and that is fine! I loved them. The city was shown off in all her glory with iconic venues being used and London shone.

We were treated to some magnificent performances by the athletes, both from home and abroad. We connected with and supported TeamGB when they won a medal or even if they were unlucky, we felt they were like our own family in some cases because we cried when they cried and cheered when they did. In fact, we cheered and supported EVERYBODY from everywhere and if there had been a roof on the stadium, then it would have surely been lifted by the cheers.

I can’t begin to imagine the hard work, dedication and sacrifices that these athletes go through to reach the ultimate goal of appearing at an Olympic Games and hopefully winning a medal; it is the pinnacle of their career. Let us not forget though, that whilst we admire these people, we must also cheer and support those that are going to compete in a couple of weeks time in the Paralympics. Their achievements are just as important, more so in many cases.

I won’t go into the security fiasco that happened right before the start, because quite frankly, that company has had enough publicity already thank you and was a bloody embarrassment. Suffice to say, that the armed forces stepped in and performed magnificently. They and the police had an important job to do, but they did it with a smile on their faces. The infrastructure managed, much more than anyone said it would and the few times I went into central London, there were no problems on any of the forms of public transport I used.

And of course, our wonderful army of Volunteers! Without them, it wouldn’t have happened. They, the Games Makers did it and they all deserve gold medals for the sheer amount of dedication, long hours and bloody hard work each and everyone of them put into their experience. I salute you!

And how wonderful it was to snatch the flag back from the those groups that would seek to destroy us? Ha! How we waved the Union Flag and it felt good to see so many people walking around, wearing it in every way shape and form and know they are not a member those of dark, diseased groups. You don’t belong in 21st Century London/Britain. Please know that, once and for all.

So, world, what do you say? Did we manage it, was it a success, do you see us in a new or different light? It is a simple answer so say it: YES!

Think this is too stupidly patriotic? Jingoistic? Maybe, but I make no apology to you if you feel that; my blog, my rules.

Despite another city holding a very special place in my heart, I have to say this:

London, you truly are #thegreatestcityintheworld.


One thought on “London 2012

  1. Well, yes, it does read a bit jingoistic and I have to admit a natural aversion and nervousness to too much flag-waving by any nation. However, you’re right, London was a magnificent venue for this fantastic international event and I too, from my corner of Europe, felt very proud of the great organisation and how especially wonderful London looked -although it always does to me. You did well and, as a Londoner, you are justly proud of what has been accomplished especially when there were such stupid detractors beforehand. Ain’t it great they’ve been proved wrong and had to shut up!

    I loved the inauguration ceremony -congrats to Danny Boyle and his team . It was very original, had lots of amazing surprises and, apart from its total creativity was, I thought, very representative of the most marvellous of British traits: the ability to identify and laugh at your own cliches, loving them not a jot less and being the greater for it. The Olympic flame(s) idea was brilliant and totally beautiful.

    Sorry, but found all the creativity, surprises and brilliance of the opening ceremony to be sadly lacking at the closure. It started well but then, I feel, just lost its way and ended up being rather long and yawnsome (I actually fell asleep through some of it). Admittedly, the opening ceremony was a hard act to follow and many of the best and highly representative music and songs were used at the start and couldn’t, of course, be repeated. But, this is just my opinion.

    In between start and finish everything went really smoothly and it was great sport all the way. The super results of the British team was a tremendous plus factor and another elegant feather to your cap!

    I think your post is very representative of the enormously inspiring event the Olympics has been for you Brits and how it has renewed the pride in your country, in London and, overall, in your terrific ability to make the grade and do so much more. I think the 92 Barcelona Olympics created a benchmark for this event, which many subsequently did not reach but I feel London has just created a new -higher- benchmark which will prove to be very challenging to the cities that follow. You organised a great show for the whole world so many, many, many congratulations!

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