“Working 9 to 5…”

“…what a way to make a living…”words and music by Dolly Parton

No office is this happy!

Being unemployed, I enjoy not having to get up for work and lug my behind into an office along with tons of other people.

Being unemployed is not a situation I want to be in really.

I look at job sites nearly everyday and I am registered with three agencies.  I have applied for a good number of jobs and even had one interview.  I would have got that job were it not for a small thing about it not really existing in the first place because of a freeze in recruitment.

Prospective employer, might be a minor detail, but do make sure that you have a vacancy in the first place before you embark on a recruitment process, otherwise rather a waste of time and money don’t you think? Just saying…

I knew that I would not walk into another job straight away when I left my old place, and I have to keep telling myself that I can’t become complacent and just coast along hoping something comes up, because agencies do need a bit of prodding to keep them on their toes and that is bloody tiring.

Oh yes, and FYI agencies, I put London as my preferred place of work on my profiles for a reason, so as much as I am flattered that you think I am the ideal candidate for the role you wish to fill, please don’t ask me if I would consider going for a job that is closer to Sheffield than Smithfield (market, that is).

So, here is the problem:  How do I keep myself motivated and upbeat throughout this time?

Answer: I don’t know!

Strangely, so far I am finding it a rather fascinating process and totally underestimated how many agencies there are out there.  The optimistic side of me wants to think that they are all working as hard as they can to get all the people on their books employed.  The pessimist in me knows that is all a load of bollocks, and that it is down to the individual to chase them and remind them that you exist.

Again, dear agencies, if I ask a question and you say that you will get back to me with the answer, could you please have the courtesy to do so. Even if it is something that I might not want to hear, having to chase you and remind you to do your job is not something that I relish.  Especially when you are the one being paid and I am getting nothing.

And why do so many companies want you to be educated to degree level, just to do an office admin grunt job?!  Really?  What about nearly 30 years work experience?  Does that count for nothing?  When so many companies complain that job seekers can’t fill in an application form why would they want this on their list?

Get down cynic!  Of course they are not putting that down in their job specs as a way of getting round the age discrimination thingy!  Perish the thought, I have never heard such rubbish!

Hmmm, I would like to challenge them on that, but that is for another day, and I will just keep applying for those jobs, because providing everything else looks good, I won’t allow the fact that I don’t have a degree put me off of applying.  So there, rotten companies!

So, I keep plodding on and looking and applying and chasing and hoping that something comes along.  That, or I win millions on the lottery and give the whole thing a massive two-fingered salute and ride off into the sunset with my loot.

I have spent enough time today looking at sites and applying for jobs, so I will stop now and make myself a nice cup of coffee, settle down to watch some telly and stuff my face with a family size bag of Maltesers ®

Kill me now! I don’t want to be sitting this close to any future work colleagues!


2 thoughts on ““Working 9 to 5…”

  1. After being a dutiful house husband for 5 years, I moved out because her daughter was a complete *unt, I’ve had to start from scratch again, it’s not easy and I get lonely and depressed at times, but I’m getting my HGV licence back and finger crossed, work will come to me, eventually but it is soul destroying being sat on your arse. Perhaps it’s time to retrain, oh no you haven’t been unemployed for six months…What does your job shop say? Oh and I’ll have the Maltesears off you as well…

    • Thanks for your comment. It’s tough out there isn’t it? Hopefully you’ll get something soon, as will I! And no, you can’t have my Maltesers, get your own, you cheeky fox!

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