Wherever I lay my computer…

Four years ago, when I joined this company, I never thought that I would have moved around five different buildings.

Could this be a record for such a short space of time (considering my job is not mobile and I am based at one site only)?

As today is a bit of a slow day, I began to raid the memory bank and mentally list all the places where I have been paid to turn up and vaguely look like I have a clue about what I am doing there.  Then I thought it would be better to write them down because my memory bank is never in credit.

Of course, I will not be stating company names, just the locations but it does seem however, that I am a bit of a nomad because this is in a similar vein as a previous post I wrote many moons ago about my past homes.  Is this a bit of a pattern in my life, I wonder?

Anyway, here goes and I am going to include my Saturday job as this was technically the first paid job I had and for a short time from when I left school to when I started college, I worked there, full time.

  1. Tunbridge Wells
  2. Lewisham – first job as a Beauty Therapist
  3. Bromley
  4. Regent Street
  5. Oxford Street
  6. Marble Arch – 2 buildings on the same road
  7. Pall Mall – 1st job after Beauty Therapy, 4 desks/roles/floors
  8. Regent Street – 4 desks, 2 roles, 3 floors
  9. King’s Cross – first temp job after being made redundant
  10. King’s Cross – back again!
  11. Euston area
  12. Elephant and Castle – 2 desks
  13. Waterloo
  14. Euston area – back as before, 3 desks
  15. Bank

Quite a lot of buildings, roles and moves in my working life.  I’m looking forward to retiring!



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