Tattoo me – part 2 – it’s not about religion…

So, I did it.

As the title says, it’s not about religion.  I don’t subscribe to a belief system but I wanted to have something that represented where I come from and this is the simplest way for me to do that.  I have always thought it was a beautiful design, but I understand there will be those that won’t agree with me.  I can deal with that.

In fact, I used to wear a necklace that had a cross and a Star of David but stopped wearing it many years ago as the chain needs fixing and I never got round to sorting that out.  When I first visited Israel with Mum, I got told off by a Christian Arab for wearing my necklace; he said it was wrong to wear a Christian and Jewish symbol together, but I quickly told him that I would never deny where I come from.  And to me, this is no different.  Well, it is in one respect, as it is permanent!

You see, I have a stupidly enormous pride in my heritage, I love being a mongrel of mixed backgrounds and I could bore the pants off you talking about my family and ancestors from east London and France.  I won’t of course, unless you wish to ask me about how to get started researching your family tree.

This is my way to honour my parents and their beginnings, sentimental twaddle you might think.  You might be right, but I love them, so there we are.  Of course, Mum was not very happy when I told her I was getting this done and if Dad was alive, I know he wouldn’t have been either!

The procedure itself took about 30 minutes and it was not the most comfortable sensation in the world; the outline was more painful than the shading.  It stung for a good while afterwards as well and is a bit tender today.  I know that there is a small imperfection in the symmetry, but that just adds to the charm for me as neither religion or the human race are perfect!  I’m looking forward to when the redness goes and it has healed properly, and I must remember not to scratch it when it itches!

Anyway, it’s done now and I love it.


Tattoo me, part 1

This Friday 9th March, at five o’clock, I will be doing something that I have wanted to do for 30 years – yes, I am THAT old!

I am getting a tattoo.

As I said, I have wanted to do this for 30 years but have never got round to it.  Mainly because of the thought of the pain and the stigma that went with women getting tattoos, which by and large, has been eradicated over the years.

I revisited the idea seriously over the last year and I decided that I didn’t want my first tattoo to be a bird or a butterfly, because as beautiful as they can be, they hold no particular meaning for me and I want something that is personal and unique to me.

So, I started mucking about with drawings and thoughts and my first design would have meant having a large area like my back being the canvas as it was very detailed and would need that amount of space to get everything in!  This meant I had to scale it down to something that could fit nicely on my shoulder, for example.  However, I kept being drawn to being tattooed on my left inside wrist and that second option will not work there.  Amendment number three; scale the design down further to something that will fit nicely on the wrist.  I realise that my tattoo will be on show and the design might cause some controversy, but I am not bothered about that! This tattoo will represent my heritage and where I come from.

It is going to be black and shaded and part of me is very excited (at my age, go figure!) and part of me is nervous that I am taking a step to do something that cannot be reversed.  And even in this day and age, where tattoos are so much more acceptable, I still feel like I am tapping into my latent punk rebel, inner self, and perhaps that is what excites me more!

The tattoo parlour have a very crude drawing of mine to go on, and I look forward to seeing what the artist can do with that. I won’t describe my design here, but I will do a further post after I have had it done and there will be a picture attached.

Wish me luck!