Lest we forget…

My attention was drawn today about the potential use of Trinity Gardens/Tower Hill Memorial site to host Christmas parties for City bankers.

Shocked is not the only word that sprang to mind when I heard about this, anger made herself known as well. 

I have no connection to the Merchant Navy other than @antijanner who I follow on Twitter, a lovely person who is passionate about his job in the Merchant Navy and loves his life at sea.  None of my ancestors (to my knowledge) were in the MN, but I did have some who served in the army and I was brought up to respect the military and honour their ultimate sacrifice, especially on Remembrance Sunday – that also includes respect to those from civilian organisations who worked alongside the military in just as awful conditions. 

I had a great-uncle who was killed in action in the Somme and is without a grave, commemorated only on a wall at Thiepval.  When I discovered this last year, I made a promise to myself that one day I will visit that place and pay my respects to him.  I never knew him but he was an older brother to my beloved grandfather and that is good enough for me.

Now, there is no one left alive who served in WW1 either as part of the military or in a civilian capacity, and those still alive who served in WW2 and subsequent conflicts of the last century are starting to dwindle away also.  HOWEVER, that is not a reason to forget about what they did for this country and certainly NEVER a reason to forget about those who did not come back so we must protect these places of quiet reflection and remembrance; these memorial gardens and cemeteries FOREVER from being cheapened – lest we forget.

So, bearing that in mind, what possible reason could Moving Venue have in placing a request to Tower Hamlets council to use Trinity Gardens as a venue for a Christmas party for City bankers (feel free to substitute a W for the B)?

They say that they will be careful and respectful, etc, blah, blah, blah.  Well, we all know what people are like after they have had a skinful and bankers are certainly no different.  If young Mr Gilmore can claim that he was off his tits on drugs and booze when he was swinging off the flag at the Cenotaph and therefore, did not know where he was or what he was doing then these people will certainly lose the ability to respect where they are also.

One article I read said that there were no suitable venues within the Square Mile big enough to host something for about 300 people so they have no choice but to look at gardens etc.  Yeah, whatever…


This is a Memorial Garden and should not be used in this way.  Would you like it if I hosted a party in the cemetery where your family are buried and gave permission for the guests to relieve themselves on your beloved’s grave, or fornicate on your child’s grave?  I don’t think so and in my opinion this is no different.

Have we become so jaded and blasé about everything that we have lost all rhyme and reason about what is important anymore?  Not whilst I still draw breath and I hope that Moving Venue change their mind about this.